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The tipping point for renewable energy is still in the future (February 2018)

In the 2017 survey of 800 professionals working in the renewables field, Lloyd‘s Register found that a majority of professionals believe renewables won’t become the dominant source of energy until at least 2025.

As a recent article in Power Engineering International, “A ‘reality check’ for renewables”, summaries the study of Lloyd‘s Register, earlier optimistic predictions about a ‘tipping point’ when renewables will become the dominant global source of energy have received a “reality check” from new research. One of the main findings of the Technology Radar 2018: Renewable Energy is that a decisive tilt in the energy balance will take longer. Renewable sources are expected to surpass fossil fuels in countries’ energy mixes first in Europe and North America (by 2025), in the Middle East by 2028, and in Asia Pacific and Africa in 2033 or later.

How many more used coal-fired power plants will be due for sale from Europe because of even darker outlook? (December 2017)

A recent study of London-based think-tank, Carbon Tracker, claims that currently more than half of the EU's 619 coal-fired power plants are cash flow negative. This figure is predicted to rise to well over 90% by 2030.

The related report, “Lignite of the Living Dead”, is based on an asset-level model to determine a retirement schedule until 2028 and to understand the financial implications for the current investors. These findings let the Digital Journal conclude on 9. Dec. 2017 that Over Half of Europe's Coal-Fired Power Plants are on a 'Death Spiral'.

Already this year, we have successfully applied our troveo evaluation services to three more power plant units (October 2017)

Being a main element of our troveo service offerings, we again have recently applied our troveo-evaluation scheme to three used power generation units – a service provided complementary to our marketing efforts.

Our evaluation services have been developed to such an extent during the last few years that these were already applied to nearly 40 entire gas and coal fired power plant units. The evaluation scheme is designed to either assess the entire unit as a single sales item or up to 20 different types of main equipment such as gas and steam turbines, generators, transformers, large pumps, smaller boilers and most of the auxiliary and supply equipment including flue gas cleaning systems.

This experience has enabled the troveo team to provide clients with a realistic and fair market value of the used equipment. Our evaluation involves relevant criteria such as the technical specification, current condition, age, operation / maintenance history, overall market demand and a consideration of dismantling / shipping / re-assembling. For sellers, we additionally assess the present scrap value for reasons of comparison or completeness. 

Our valuation results have been used by our clients as follows:

  • Asset Management: Assisting in more effective decision making of whether to sell, scrap or invest in equipment based on a realistic value of the asset in question
  • Marketing: Calculating a justifiable market value to derive an appropriate initial asking or offering price
  • Selling: Support in negotiating an appropriate price for a final sales contract
  • Financing: Calculating and documenting a realistic market value to increase the chance of successfully financing or re-financing with a financial institution
  • Time-value Compensation: Assessing a market value to enable compensation claims in case of delayed shut-downs due to grid stabilisation requirements and obligatory reserve capacity provisions

In this respect, our troveo experts have already provided evaluations to steam turbine, gas turbine and combined-cycle power plant units in the capacity range between 30 and 800 MW, ranging in age from less than 3 to over 40 years.

Our partner VPC takes part in this year’s VGB Congress in Essen, Germany (August 2017)

Meet us at the congress centre!

VPC GmbH participates in the VGB Congress 2017 and will take the opportunity to introduce to the participants the offers and buying interests of the troveo customers. Please see us at the congress; we will be pleased to introduce to you our troveo services:

VPC / troveo on site
VGB Congress 2017
13th-14th September 2017, Essen, Germany

The VGB CONGRESS 2017 with its new motto "Generation in Competition" offers all participants a neutral platform to exchange experiences and gives a view on the technical future of the power industry in Germany and Europe.

The troveo team presented the merits of the second-hand power plant market at this year’s POWER-GEN conference and exhibition in Cologne (June 2017)

At the conference we presented the paper: “Commercial Success from Second-Hand Power Plants and Components from the European Generation Crisis”.

You can find our paper here.
By the way, with this paper placed second at the event’s Best Paper Award.

troveo can do power plant equipment, too (April 2017)

Up to 20 different groups of individual components to choose from!

Our troveo services are not limited to just entire power plants or turbines. Our data base approach allows showing and hence marketing individual items and major parts out of the following 20 different groups of technical components:

Coal yard, coal feeding, slag ash removal system
Natural gas supply system / light fuel oil supply system
Combustion air supply system, fans, shutoff devices
Air preheaters
Firing system, coal mills, burners
Steam turbines
Gas turbines
Exhaust gas system, flue gas exhaust system, draft fans
Generator sets
Water-steam cycle system, economizers, condensers
Flue gas cleaning system (as entire sub-units)
High pressure valves
Auxiliary and ancillary systems (supply, treatment disposal systems)
Electrical system, switchboards, electric actuators
Control and communication system
Maintenance and repair equipment and tools
Power generating sets

troveo is launched (November 2016)

For you, for your economic sustainability, for your success!

Two well-known German based companies VPC GmbH and SPRINT! Energy Consulting GmbH have combined their know-how in a newly set up joint venture – troveo – to offer market-oriented solutions, bringing together buyers and sellers of second-hand, first-class power plants and components.

troveo´s goals are straightforward: The fostering of renewable energies has led to generation overcapacity in the European markets, thus forcing operators of thermal power plants to decommission them. On the other side, international energy markets are in need of first-class power plants or components which could be provided fast and at the appropriate quality and standards.

This is where troveo takes over: Such technical items, which have been designed and manufactured for reliability, durability and many operating hours, can well be integrated into existing power generation systems or used to equip entire new power stations. A win-win situation, as both buyers and sellers can benefit there from. For the buyer, there is a chance to purchase plant parts for the required lifetime. The seller achieves an attractive market price for his no longer needed components.

troveo has made it its task to bring together both parties, to facilitate the negotiation process as well as to accompany the technical installation of the new plant until its commissioning on behalf of the buyer. To this end, we make our all-round expertise available to our customers, be that financial or technical.

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