Already this year, we have successfully applied our troveo evaluation services to three more power plant units

Already this year, we have successfully applied our troveo evaluation services to three more power plant units

[Oct. 2017] Being a main element of our troveo service offerings, we again have recently applied our troveo-evaluation scheme to three used power generation units – a service provided complementary to our marketing efforts.

Our evaluation services have been developed to such an extent during the last few years that these were already applied to nearly 40 entire gas and coal fired power plant units. The evaluation scheme is designed to either assess the entire unit as a single sales item or up to 20 different types of main equipment such as gas and steam turbines, generators, transformers, large pumps, smaller boilers and most of the auxiliary and supply equipment including flue gas cleaning systems.

This experience has enabled the troveo team to provide clients with a realistic and fair market value of the used equipment. Our evaluation involves relevant criteria such as the technical specification, current condition, age, operation / maintenance history, overall market demand and a consideration of dismantling / shipping / re-assembling. For sellers, we additionally assess the present scrap value for reasons of comparison or completeness.

Our valuation results have been used by our clients as follows:

  • Asset Management: Assisting in more effective decision making of whether to sell, scrap or invest in equipment based on a realistic value of the asset in question
  • Marketing: Calculating a justifiable market value to derive an appropriate initial asking or offering price
  • Selling: Support in negotiating an appropriate price for a final sales contract
  • Financing: Calculating and documenting a realistic market value to increase the chance of successfully financing or re-financing with a financial institution
  • Time-value Compensation: Assessing a market value to enable compensation claims in case of delayed shut-downs due to grid stabilisation requirements and obligatory reserve capacity provisions

In this respect, our troveo experts have already provided evaluations to steam turbine, gas turbine and combined-cycle power plant units in the capacity range between 30 and 800 MW, ranging in age from less than 3 to over 40 years.