Dear Buyers! troveo at your Service – prompt, highly qualitative, best matching

You need high-end valuable assets in top condition and at a bargain price to:

  • avoid long operational shutdowns
  • ensure short delivery times for your new power plants
  • obtain already tested, reliable power generation equipment
  • remain within capital expenditure limits?

Let´s work together and localise the right plant or component, be it for conventional or renewable power stations. Second-hand, high-quality equipment pays off and leads to substantial cost savings.



Dear Sellers! troveo at your Service – international, professional, value-adding

You have high-end valuable assets in good condition, but no longer needed in portfolio, such as:

  • entire power plants and units, conventional or renewable
  • plant assemblies, main components and component packages
  • spare part stocks
  • valuable scrap materials and other recyclable resources?

Let´s optimise together your sale efforts towards a successful deal that would unlock and help you better reallocate the financial and operational resources.



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