A team of experts: troveo!

We offer an in-depth expertise and knowledge to meet your requirements in selling/buying and subsequently in relocating used power plants.

All second-hand, first-class power plants and high-quality used process equipment are marketed independently of any industry player.

Our team is your professional partner along the entire process chain from the assessment of the power plant to the launching of the asset sale through to the final power plant or component relocation and commissioning.

Why are we unique?

Because we possess

an in-depth knowledge of the power generation and energy market business and focus exactly on what is essential to you.

Because we co-operate

with an international network of professionals in both the buyers‘ and the sellers’ countries

Because we offer

a worldwide unique marketing platform, database-driven and focused on power plant technology for power stations and generating units, ancillary equipment and individual components

Because we secure

all the systems and components we offer contractually in order to provide both, the sellers and buyers, with the best possible planning certainty

Because we support

  • the seller with our experience in international marketing
  • the buyer with our technical and commercial expertise in power plant sourcing

Meet troveo´s founding company and interact with its financial & technical experts

SPRINT! Energy Consulting GmbH

SPRINT! is a highly specialised consulting company in the world-wide energy sector, with a particular focus on detailed assessment, valuation and marketing of thermal power plants and / or their main components. Its name SPRINT! reflects its philosophy and values: SPRINT! acts promptly, is customer focused and target oriented. This way and in close cooperation with the client, the SPRINT! team succeeds in generating new ideas and concepts or further enhances structures already in place. The SPRINT! advisor team is made up of senior consultants with extensive experience in all the facets of modern utility management as well as in the respective investments on an international scale. Last but not least, SPRINT! has established a wide network of associated, specialised advisors and partner companies in order to enable the provision of rounded up services that meet the complex needs of its clients spot on.

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Andreas Stephan

Andreas Stephan

Chief Executive Officer

Email: team(at)troveo.de

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