Our services for sellers – focused, connecting, value adding: troveo!

Do you have surplus power plants, assemblies or surplus equipment that are no longer needed but still in good condition? We can help you to find appropriate and trustworthy buyers for such plants and equipment like for example used steam boilers, gen sets, second-hand transformers and other valuable parts.

We also plan and perform all necessary decommissioning and dismantling work, in strict compliance with regulations and duly considering all safety and environmental aspects. This frees up locked capital for your future investments.

Our services focus on the following assets:

Evaluation and marketing of entire power plants and units


Evaluation and marketing of plant assemblies, components and component packages


Liquidation of spare part stocks

Identification and recovery of valuable scrap materials and other recyclable resources

Our services for sellers at a glance:


– Support to sales forecasting and development of sales strategies
  (already accomplished more than 50 times in recent years)


Identification of usable components


Assessment of the buyers‘ market


Recommendations on sales strategies and actions to be taken


Assessment of repair efforts required prior to placing on the market


Assessment of sales probability


Application of the "troveo evaluation scheme" to determine selling prices


Estimation of sales revenues, absolute and above the scrap values

– Calculation of loss in value over time to determine the capital lock-up costs during use as a grid reserve power plant (already accomplished more than 10 times in recent years)

– Marketing of power plants and units including initial validation of buyers‘ enquiries

– Marketing of assemblies and major components

– Supporting or implementation of auctions and selling of spare part stocks

– Development of dismantling and decommissioning concepts, and ongoing support in implementation of such concepts

– Development of marketing concepts for land and buildings