To start with:
We valuate your available-for-sale or locked-up assets

Why not run a professional valuation of your entire systems including your high-quality components using our well-established, combined techno-commercial “troveo valuation” method?

During this process both the current buyer’s market and the prevailing regulations, safety and environmental aspects are thoroughly analysed.

  • We back your selling initiatives and preparations by
    • determining those components that can be re-used profitably rather than scrap them
    • using the “troveo valuation” method to determine realistic asset market prices
    • assessing the buyer’s market to identify realistic sale time horizons
    • presenting you a well-founded marketing and sale strategy to be applied for internal decision-making purposes and beyond

(more than 60 recent asset valuations primarily for gas- and coal-fired power plants)

  • We assess your capital lock-up costs of still used power plants by
    • providing you with an independent opinion on expected sale’s incomes
    • quantifying the value loss-over-time of assets providing grid reserve service

(more than 20 recent asset valuations for locked-up gas or coal fired power plants)

To round it up:
We market from entire plants to single equipment

Why not engage troveo, the market experts, to identify buyers for your used power plant and/or main equipment or for your large-scale energy storage systems?

  • We find suitable prospective buyers
    • through our unique network
    • through anonymous, free advertisements on troveo´s marketing platform
  • We pre-check and pre-qualify all interested buyers
    • while safeguarding your interest,
    • remaining independent and verifying thoroughly

Trust real professionals