Now, troveo is a real open marketing platform: With our extended input function you can straightaway enter all your own offers and searches

[March 2019] Our marketing platform has undergone a major retrofit. With the current relaunch, our customers can enter by themselves all their offers and needs for both, single equipment and entrie used power plants as well as for required services, without registration and free of charge.  

No matter if you want to buy a used steam or gas turbine or you want to sell your surplus power plant, you can now enter your searches and sales offer directly online using the following links:

You can find more information on how to use these new features in our FAQ section.

Since all posts remain strictly anonymous, the troveo will still take over the tasks validating the post, pre-qualifying all interested sellers and buyers as well as checking the initial technical match. Nevertheless, all our customers still have the opportunity to receive professional support from our experienced troveo team when publishing their postings.