A surplus 100 MWth coal-fired power plant boiler sold and to be relocated 2,500 km for process heat generation at an industry site

[Apr. 2019] It does not always have to be a power plant site: Over the last 4 months, troveo successfully facilitated an international sales deal regarding a surplus steam generator for re-use in an industrial plant. There was a near to perfect match with the buyer’s needs and technical requirements.

Because the space at the existing power plant site in Western Europe was needed for site restructuring, the boiler was almost doomed and up for scrapping. In turn, the buyer form the shores of the Black See had an immediate need for extra steam to extend its production lines.

We at troveo consider this not only as a good success story for selling and re-using second-hand power plant equipment but also as a staggering example for the utilisation of such equipment outside the power generation sector.