Our Top Offer of August 2019: This 250 MWe, 50 Hz, gas-fired twin GT-generator set will still be in operation until early 2020 and was commissioned just 15 years ago

[August 2019] Located in Western Europe, this power generation unit for sale consists of 2 General Electric gas turbine generator sets, built in 2005, each with an electrical output of approx. 125 MWe. For each set, the operating time so far has been approx. 90,000 operating hours and approx. 1,100 starts.

The two GE gas turbines are part of a CCGT power plant and are expected to be dismantled and replaced by new plant components from May 2020 onwards as part of an extensive modernisation, which also includes generators, transformers and auxiliary systems.

Until then, these turbines can be tested by prospective buyers, ideally between October 2019 and March 2020. The two GT gensets are offered as a package deal, however, the owner is prepared to sell selected equipment separately, too.