May 2019 Top Offer: Quite new, seasonally used 22 MWe steam turbine generation set for sale at troveo

[May 2019] Commissioned as part of a major power plant in Western Europe in 2010, this approx. 22 MWe gross capacity SIEMENS turbine-generator set has ever since been operated only during the winter seasons and in base-load mode. Such operation mode is reflected in the moderate number of 39,030 operating hours and just 106 starts.

Depending on market conditions, this genset can be operated as base-load or medium-load power producer. This set ideally fits to a gas-fired CCGT unit, a coal-fired unit or a biomass-fired power generation plant.

This generation set is on offer as a complete unit (turbine, gearbox, generator, lubricating and control oil systems, gland sealing steam system as well as protection and safety equipment and soundproof housing), or just as a stand-alone high pressure steam turbine; the set is well preserved and in excellent condition. Since the set is mounted on a portable frame it is ready for swift dismantling. The asking price for the entire set (in installed condition) is EUR 4.2 million (USD 4.6 million).