June 2019 Top Offer: Moderately used 7 MWe gas turbine generation set for sale at troveo

[June 2019] This second-hand generation set resembles a typical industry size unit with a Solar Taurus 70 gas-turbine and a subsequent Turbomach power generator. This well maintained, currently dismantled and well preserved generation unit became available due to site restructuring in late 2018.

This container-based, second-hand GT-generator set will be ideal for industry sites in need of flexible supply of electricity. Futher, if a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) is added, this set can also serve in a small-sized CCGT power plant or combined power and heat plant (CHP).

Since the set is mounted in a portable container, it can be easily moved to a new site. Due to its still excellent condition, the asking price for the entire set (in current condition) is EUR 700.000 (USD 800 thousand).