Top Offer of July: 330 MWe, 50 Hz coal-fired power plant still in operation, retrofitted and partly renewed just 5 years ago

[July 2019] Built in Western Europe in 1979, this unit was retrofitted in 2013 in order to increase its capacity, to significantly extend its operating life span and to meet state of the art efficiency targets.

This thermal power plant unit with hard coal boiler is fully equipped with a modern flue gas cleaning system; its steam turbine generator set is designed for electricity generation of 330 MWe gross and, optionally, for heat output of 39 MWth.

This power plant is on offer as a complete unit and will become available for relocation in early 2020. Its proximity to an over sea’s harbour will ease dismantling and shipment of all re-usable equipment.

The asking price for the entire plant (as it is and where it is) is EUR 20 million (USD 23 million). Further, selected single equipment such as the renewed steam turbine may be purchased separately, too, subject to availability and agreed sales price.