When is a power plant regarded as used? We increasingly offer unused zero hours operated plant equipment

When is a power plant regarded as used? We increasingly offer unused zero hours operated plant equipment

[June 2020] Many of our customers’ offers are labelled “unused”, “zero-hours-operation” or “as new”, trend increasing. Accordingly, the interest of buyers in such equipment is growing, too.

In Europe, and especially in the emerging markets of Asia, investors cancelled several new power plant projects prior to commencement of construction or during the construction phase. Quite often, the original equipment manufacturers already delivered the equipment to their customers.

Other new power plants were even commissioned and the operators ran only the trial tests or produced for a very few hours.

Fortunately, for investors this happens rarely, but when it happens, it is an opportunity for prospective buyers to find very attractive offers. The delivered and then usually installed assets are then classified as used and no longer first-hand. Since these generation units are of no further use for the investor, they offer them at a bargain price to the market.

Apart from that, it may be the case for such brand new assets that these are still packed and ready for shipment. For a slightly higher price, such equipment is then immediately available and no usual order lead times apply.

Typically, gas-fired open or combined cycle power plants with a capacity of about 10 MWe up to more than 400 MWe are often among the hardly used or zero-hours plants on offer. In the case of generation units driven by steam turbines or large diesel engines, such offers for never used equipment are rarer and tend to relate to output classes well below 100 MWe.

As of June 2020, we at troveo have more than 10 such unused plants on offer. If interested, simply contact us.

Did you know? At troveo, posting purchase requests for second-hand power plants and equipment is always free of any charge! Even sale offer posts are free of charge until a successful sale´s deal is completed. Please contact us for more information.

We would be pleased to assist you in finding the power plants and power generation equipment you are looking for or in selling your second hand assets, you intend to decommission.