What data do I input to successfully match offers with searches?

What data do I input to successfully match offers with searches?

[Jan. 2021] We wish all our colleagues and business partners a happy, safe and successful 2021!

Let´s further optimise your offers and searches: Just always input the most important key data describing your equipment, so that we process all offers and requests effectively and goal oriented. We thank you for your cooperation!

We receive almost daily very short ads described as “Four Pieces of 20V34SG Diesel Generator Sets For Sale” or searches such as „One Used 50 MW Siemens SGT-700 Gas Turbine with 11 kV Grid Connection Needed“. Most likely both the seller offering his assets as well as the potential buyer overlooked to specify the key parameter referring to the type of fuel on which the assets are operated, e.g. in these cases “Gas”, “Light Fuel Oil” or “Heavy Fuel Oil”. Is such parameter is provided, your Offer and/or Search becomes immediately more transparent and enables the best match possible!

In general, providing key data such as the name of the part(s) needed, grid frequency, voltage levels, the type of fuel and the generated electrical and/or thermal power suffice for a first quick match.

However, it is very helpful, if further data such as those on operational hours, possible capacity range and the fuel quantities as well as information on the present and expected usage, the remaining life time and current operations are also given.

So, let´s optimise your ads by inputting all the data needed and by avoiding listing assets with missing key information. This way we can get around time consuming mails on still required data. At best, please use our standard self-guided fill-in forms when you input the information on your assets to be offered or to be searched for. After all, our joint objective is to speed up your sale and/or your purchase, as the case may be.

Don´t forget to send us your contact data and to inform us whether you are positioned as a seller, as a buyer or as their representative.

That´s all it takes!

Together for a first-class, second-hand power plant and/or equipment!